BT Switch Off 2025

ISDN Switch Off 2025

The ISDN switch-off is something that is gaining momentum in the telecommunications industry. Everyone’s been talking about it for a while, but now companies across all sectors are starting to get themselves prepared and investigating what changes they will need to make, and how they can get ready with minimal impact to their business. The Openreach ISDN switch off announcement in 2015 made it clear that they would stop taking new ISDN orders in 2020, with a view to switching-off and deactivating its ISDN network completely in 2025. This means that all copper services currently used for voice will stop working from this point – ISDN, PSTN and Multi-line. The copper will remain but just for data services like FTTC, which is fibre from the green cabinet and copper to your premises.

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for integrated service digital network. ISDN is a digital line that runs through copper wiring. It was a lot faster than traditional analogue lines and could be used for data as well as carrying voice calls. The main issue with ISDN is that it relies on physical infrastructure, the copper lines, which can be costly to maintain.

What is the ISDN Switch off?

The telephone network in the UK has been in use since 1876 and has become old, tired and increasingly costly to maintain or to fix when things break. It is being replaced with modern technology fit for the digital world we now live in. ISDN phase-out will be completed by December 2025, following this there will no longer be the traditional copper lines in working use for voice.

What do I need to do if I have an ISDN line?

If you currently have an ISDN line, you will have to upgrade your telephony by December 2025. With modern technology, telephone services no longer have to rely on the ageing copper infrastructure. Services can now be provided using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, for your new VoIP system to work effectively, you’ll need a quality internet connection so that your solution can run seamlessly, our connectivity solutions can provide you with increased speed and intelligence.

Although you don’t currently have to do anything, be aware that when your contract is up for renewal you may want or have to switch to a hosted telephony system. If you are looking into future-proofing your business now, you will need to ensure you have a business-grade broadband solution. We can help you to assess your hosted options and ensure you are getting the most of your services. 40% of the UK market has already recognised that switching to a VoIP solution provides a number of key benefits, so its more than likely that the change will bring a number of commercial, technical and collaborative working improvements.

What happens in 2023?

September 2023 will see Openreach issue a full ‘Stop Sell’ of new supply and there will be no new lone installation for ISDN.

What happens in 2025?

It will be imperative that you switch to alternative solutions by this date, in order to avoid ultimately being left without a service. Your provider should be aiming to migrate all services and offer alternative solutions. At UTelcom UK, we will be helping our customers to find the best solution to suit their individual situations by assessing their business requirements and using our independent status to offer a bespoke solution.