Our UCaaS service options

Cloud Calling:

Cloud Calling provides an easy transition to an enterprise-grade cloud voice solution, over a highly secure, compliant and resilient platform. It offers greater mobility through true fixed and mobile convergence, as well as interoperability with your favourite collaboration applications and CRM solutions.

Together with comprehensive management and analytics, the service allows you to easily scale as your business grows, through an easy-to-use portal at a compelling price point.

Cloud based platform Work from anywhere, anytime and on any device

Real-time fraud prevention and security

Enhanced protection include pattern logging of simultaneous calls, across different country profiles

MiFIDII & PCI compliance :

True MiFIDII financial compliance recording calls and texts, even across mobiles (should you use a Neos Networks mobile SIM)


A multi-network SIM gives coverage throughout the UK and offers fixed phone features on any mobile device including text and call recording

Our Video Conferencing service is scalable and flexible, enabling enterprises to access managed Video Conferencing and virtual meeting services. Our 24/7 proactive monitoring will manage all of your hardware, maintenance and software management needs, eliminating the need for expensive in-house IT resource to manage your VC solution. We can ensure your Video Conferencing platform works seamlessly with maximum up-time.

Our services are interoperable and vendor agnostic, allowing multiple video technologies to work seamlessly together. Our Video Conferencing solution empowers your business by enabling you to connect with anyone, across any device, any network, anywhere and anytime

Flexible solutions:

Available as a cloud, hybrid or on-premise solution to suit your business

Simple, cost-effective monthly payment plan

We offer affordable, simple, low-cost monthly subscription service plans offering unlimited usage – as easy as your fixed mobile phone tariff


We bring together multiple video technologies to enable them to work together. Support for SIP, H.323, IP, Skype for Business and WebRTC are all included Vendor agnostic

We can work with existing legacy systems, removing the need for costly infrastructure investments. You can even use our Video Conferencing platform with your existing Video Conferencing technology

Benefits of our UCaaS service Easy transition to the cloud

Fully managed audit and flexible transition plan that can be achieved with minimal disruption, change management and re-training

Enterprise-grade security, compliance and reliability

Enterprise-grade redundancy, security, resilience and compliance all from a mission critical infrastructure provider

Greater mobility:

Work from anywhere, anytime, on any device with a flexible solution that suits your business

Seamless interoperability and integration

Seamless interoperability and integration with existing business applications, systems and platforms

Enhanced management and analytics

A single, centralised management portal providing detailed analytics and reporting, accessible 24/7

Management and proactive monitoring

Round the clock pro-active monitoring of your network