How can your business benefit from SD-WAN with UTelcom UK?

  • Optimise traffic flows for performance and cost at branch sites, enabling businesses to dynamically route traffic across a hybrid WAN by utilising multiple connections.

  • Greater security thanks to the ability to easily roll out protocols, patches and updates across the network adding restrictions wh ere needed.

  • Enabling increased flexibility whereby businesses are able to scale connectivity up or down as demand requires, which can be done in minutes, not days.

  • Ensuring business continuity with seamless failover. Should be there be a failure, SD-WAN can intelligently re-route traffic to minimise downtime.

  • Providing greater reach. SD-WAN is provider agnostic meaning it can provide the same service regardless of which transport provider is being used, eradicating traditional geographic restrictions.

  • Easy scalability enabling businesses to add new branches and scale bandwidth with zero-touch capabilities.